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Halloween with a twist

A rainy Saturday afternoon, stuck at home with my 4 year old... What to do? Face painting!

And so my little zombie "came alive" along with a spooky clown. All good fun, until I decided to go outside to get a few pictures with a better light. And what does my son do? As the Capricorn that he is, he closes the front door behind him, leaving us both locked outside!

Husband at work, eldest daughter at school play rehearsal... what to do? Should I walk to my daughter school to see if she's got a key? Now that would be embarrassing for her, as mom shows up, painted like a clown with a little zombie in hand... but I got no shoes on! 

It's cold, about to rain again, and of coarse, my very quiet street is not so quiet today as the next door neighbour is having a party and the guests are arriving.

There we are, I'm sitting on the floor, barefoot, painted like a clown, with my zombie son climbing my back, being really loud and calling attention, saying "hi" to every passer-by.

So I decided to make the most of it. Took some great pictures, shared them with my family, and with every phone call had a great laugh!

Lesson learnt? Probably not... but will try and keep in mind to stick the key in my back pocket.

Enjoy the pictures.

cheeky halloween.jpg



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