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One year without shopping - holding strong

As I mentioned on a previous post, I was much inspired by a Vancouver mom, Lais, who is attempting the One Year Without Shopping challenge. Having hit the 150 day mark and still holding strong, I thought we could all have an inside view of how this challenge has affected, changed, pushed her. Allow me to say that I have not been able to do this challenge, and admire her strength and perseverance. Hope her words inspire you, and maybe even help you save up for a great vacation.


«Mariana reached out to me and asked for me to share my One Year Without Shopping (oyws) journey with you. I decided to do it back in September. It had to be a spontaneous decision, there was no other way I could commit to such insanity. In order to keep myself in check, I began an Instagram account - One Year Without Shopping. For my first post I wrote:  

"Enough is enough. I have had enough. My credit card has had enough. My husband has had enough. And before he literally looses his patience with me and files for divorce (jk about the divorce), I am going to quit shopping for one whole year. That's a whole lot of 365 days. (Can I do it?) I will suffer and have serious withdrawals symptoms and abstinence crises. Indeed, I will have them. After all, I do strongly believe that money and shopping are addictive. Oh so addictive! So, let's get to work and see how a normal girl like you with an ordinary closet, and an extreme love for clothes, can pull this off with the stuff in her closet and massive shopping abstinence... over the next 365 days. Ai Ai Ai!!!"  

Now, I'm almost reaching the half way mark. Wowzers! Not in a million years I believed I would get this far. It's been a bumpy road, but I'm so happy I'm doing this. The temptation is sporadic... well almost every day. Some days it's stronger than other days due to different things like a special event, fashion trends, sale season, the habit to shop... name it, everything leads to temptation. There is the side that leads to learning... I have learned more about fashion. I have learned more about my shopping habits. I'm learning to shape how I want my new shopping habits to be. I have learned that I have clothes in my closet, I just have to give them a chance and that I don't need new ones. I have learned that I am a slave of fashion and that is so hard to admit and deal with it. This learning process is still in progress. I am not sure if it will get easier or harder after the half way mark, but I am excited to see what's to come.»