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L'Agence Go Top Model powered by Opel

An intense year of scouting has lead up to this day, the final show for L'Agence Go Top Model powered by Opel 2015. An event mentioned here previously, presented by the stunning and talented Raquel Strada, with a personality that allows the surely nervous contestant to feel a bit more at ease and ready to face the challenge.

It was a very well organised event, with a great turn-up of Portuguese public figures, not only from the fashion industry, with movement, rhythm, music and beauty, everything expected when in the hands of such professionals as Elsa Gervásio, director of L’Agence.

The winners of this years' edition were Ekaterina Ignatenko and João Batista. I wish you all the success!

 All photos by Filipe Vera-Cruz


How I love my job

It’s so fulfilling to be able to do what I love as a profession, and last Wednesday was no exception. At the conclusion of the L’Agence Go Top Model powered by Opel 2015 show, in which I collaborated, I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for these beautiful and talented ladies:

Claudia Vieira, an amazing actress that surprises us with every character she plays on screen and a lady that warms our hearts in person.

And Raquel Strada, what can I say? Her witty personality and the way she’s so comfortable on stage, makes it look easy.

Here are a few great pictures from bacstage, taken by Tiago Fezas Vital. Soon will follow a post about the event itself.

Maria, the Pug

Almost a year ago, this amazing little pug came into our family. She enriched our lives in so many ways, and we’d like to believe that we enriched hers.

We, as a family, had been talking about getting a dog for quite some time... the idea was to take in a dog that needed a home by going to an animal shelter... but we never actually got around to it.

One day we were told that there was a family who had a female pug and were considering giving her away... as painful as that was to give away their 7 year old dog, it was a necessity. We had never seen her, never played with her, never really noticed pugs before, but it all made sense... and it was love at first sight.

Maria is her name. She is adorable, loving, intelligent, fun... everything we'd like in a new addition to our family, and more.

Never would I have thought that getting an adult dog would be so great! Puppies are always sooo cute, and creating a bond with a puppy would be easy. How wrong I was! Animal can sense when you mean well for them, when you love them, independently of their age. Something absolutely marvellous about an adult dog? They are potty trained! Makes our hectic lives so much easier.

Christmas is coming up, my suggestion to someone who might be thinking about getting a dog... maybe and one from a shelter, in much need of a new home full of love... just a suggestion.