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There's no place like... Rome

My husband really outdid himself this year with my 40th Birthday present! Took allot of thought and planning, but he did it.

It’s so difficult to put into words how much I loved the surprise trip for two in Rome! Only surpassed by the beauty of the city itself that left me in awe… 36 very intense hours of history, culture and beauty.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves, and see if they can convey how amazing this trip was, although to be present in that moment... Speechless.












Halloween with a twist

A rainy Saturday afternoon, stuck at home with my 4 year old... What to do? Face painting!

And so my little zombie "came alive" along with a spooky clown. All good fun, until I decided to go outside to get a few pictures with a better light. And what does my son do? As the Capricorn that he is, he closes the front door behind him, leaving us both locked outside!

Husband at work, eldest daughter at school play rehearsal... what to do? Should I walk to my daughter school to see if she's got a key? Now that would be embarrassing for her, as mom shows up, painted like a clown with a little zombie in hand... but I got no shoes on! 

It's cold, about to rain again, and of coarse, my very quiet street is not so quiet today as the next door neighbour is having a party and the guests are arriving.

There we are, I'm sitting on the floor, barefoot, painted like a clown, with my zombie son climbing my back, being really loud and calling attention, saying "hi" to every passer-by.

So I decided to make the most of it. Took some great pictures, shared them with my family, and with every phone call had a great laugh!

Lesson learnt? Probably not... but will try and keep in mind to stick the key in my back pocket.

Enjoy the pictures.

cheeky halloween.jpg



Casamento da actriz Alexandra Rocha

O novo espaço em Lisboa, do cozinheiro argentino Chakall, foi a escolha da actriz Alexandra Rocha para o seu dia especial. Um casamento num local pouco convencional, com uma decoração simples, mas extremamente original, com direito a viagem de TukTuk até à Igreja. Tudo o que se poderia esperar da Alexandra, uma noiva muito divertida e cheia de ideias originais!









1 Year without Shopping

Saw a young lady post this on Istagram (link below) and kind of makes you step back and think for a bit…

Would I be able? Would I be up for it?

Could I hold myself back or would I find excuses for shopping?

What would be the ground rules? I mean, lets think about it, it’s not just for myself that I buy for! I’ve got a husband and 2 kids. Can I shop for them?

What purchases would be considered “essentials” and what would be considered “flat out shopping” and “splurges”?

Why exactly would I be doing this? 

Unfortunately for me, shopping has become a sort of “therapy” and "adiction", so I’m not sure I would be able to stay in control… I mean, let’s face it, even when it comes to dieting, I always find some excuse for eating the slice of cake or the chocolate bar… so I think that with shopping I would find a way around my brain and convince myself that it would be OK and “go ahead and buy it”.

I am weak, you say? You are probably right, but honestly, would you be able? If so, good on you! 

Here is the instagram accout I mentioned, ONEYEARWITHOUTSHOPPING. As she mentioned to me, «every word of encouragement is much appreciated». So Ladies… lets give it up for this mom from Vancouver and help her on this journey. Her pictures are inspirational and so much fun and I’m certain that she would love to know that women around the world are looking out for her.

Shall we give it a go? One week without shopping, to start with...


 Photo from: "Confessions of a shopoholic"